Patrick Latella

"Guitars that sound as if they are coming to you over the speakers of the Mothership." ~ Autumn Phillips, Steamboat Pilot

"The signature sound is an almost straight ahead, intricate and tight rock tune that drifts off into outer space for a hypnotic and mind-boggling jam in the middle. Looping lines and textures, the band creates an incredible mesh of rhythmic patterns, funky grooves, melodic harmonies, and controlled chaos." ~The Telluride Watch

There is just something about the sound of an electric guitar, the crunch of tube-screaming distortion, the elation of infinite sustain, the emotion of the perfect false-harmonic. The diversity of sounds possible through the amazing genius of power tubes, this has been a passion of exploration for Patrick Latella for as long as he's listened to music. A Patrick Latella electric show is a journey through the sonic possibilities of amplifiers, drums, keyboards and horns. The unique compositional style of blending tight arrangements with improvisational passages, rounding out Patrick's soaring voice, provides the musical platform to enable each performance to be an organic and epic live show event.

Whether accompanied by just thunderous bass and drums in a power trio, or with a larger band adding keys, percussion and horns, a Patrick Latella show is truly an experience in sonic transcendence.